i’ve published more than 1,200 reported features and commentary pieces for texas monthly since september 2013. here are ten of each that i’m proud of. the full archive is here.


For the Future of the Texas Film Industry, Look to Animation
on the boom in animation in texas even as the rest of the film industry dries up

UT Tyler Canceled More Than 50 Scholarships for International Students With Almost No Notice
on a university that broke a promise

Is Alex Jones’s Empire In Trouble?
on the prospect of consequences


Abhi the Nomad Wants to Settle Down
on an immigrant rapper who faced being told to leave the country just as he started blowing up


Silence At Baylor
the story that broke the baylor university sexual assault scandal


The Alex Jones Show
what i learned from two weeks at the alex jones custody trial

Does The Green Party Matter?
on the 2016 green party national convention in houston

Whatever Happened To The ‘Unruly Mob’?
on the coalition that formed around the wendy davis filibuster, from the steps of the u.s. supreme court that overturned the law


Put To The Test
a profile of three texas families participating in clinical trials of cbd oil to treat children with intractable epilepsy

Get Bucky
on the surprisingly heated battle in the rio grande valley over the identity of the new UT-RGV campus’s mascot


Kacey Musgraves Takes Her Place as a Proudly Subversive Texan
on one of the year’s most important artists

Eric Sollenberger Is No Longer Anonymous As “PFT Commenter”
on the question of when the media owes it to someone to be in on the joke

‘A Nice Kid From a Great Family’
after the austin bombings, a question of why we spend so much time trying to understand white people who kill

The Art of War Against the Cedar Tree
on the worst fucking tree there is

Who Gets To Keep Austin Weird?
on the murals that get protected and the murals that get painted over in austin as the city develops


When Is The Right Time For A Paul Qui Redemption Story?
a response to attempts to rehabilitate the image of celebrity chef paul qui after his arrest on domestic violence charges


What Does A Culture That Values “Blue Lives” Look Like?
on texas’s proposed “blue lives matter” laws that would increase penalties for disrespecting the authority of police


Johnny Manziel Isn’t A Joke To The Women He’s Accused Of Beating Up
on treating johnny manziel’s domestic violence arrest as yet another punchline about a failed quarterback

Why It Matters That Austin’s Black Population Is Being Pushed To The Suburbs
on suggestions that austin’s shrinking african-american population was mitigated by the rising population in nearby suburbs


What Happened In McKinney
on the mckinney pool party incident, the day after it happened