Bring ‘em on. I’m a United States Marine. I’m not afraid of anyone. I’m not afraid of them," he said. "When I’m done with them, they will know that they’ve been in a fight. I may not win, but I’m going to hurt them.

— So, you see tough-guy quotes like this from old Texans all of the time, and mostly the context makes you really uncomfortable with this sort of rhetoric. Too often, the “I’m a defiant badass” aspect of Texas culture gets twisted in the shape of, like, vowing to continue to harass gay people who want to be treated like human beings. 

But then sometimes, you see a quote like this from a 64-year-old self-taught lawyer who is singlehandedly fighting — and winning, at the moment! — a battle against the Keystone XL Pipeline. And, if you’re anything like me, you just kinda look at it and are like, “Fuck yeah, Texas.” 

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